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humm dee dummmm

wow let's see, there is a lot to update on.

um, I started my volunteer work at Santa Teresa, took forever dammit!!, but it's cool I guess.  I get to discharge patients and work with a bunch of old people who are really nice.  I feel good when I go there because I feel like I am somewhat appreciated for volunteering my time.  It was really funny though, one of the lady volunteers asked me about my hair and was a bit curious about how I did it.  She said I was such a pretty girl but didn't know what to think about my hair.  heehee

I start school on Weds.  that should be fun.  I love school and I am really excited about my class.  I start with my Conservation of Our Natural Resources" class, that one seems awesome since I am really trying to be more environmentally conscious.  Then it's off to my Sociology class of American Race Relations.  That one doesn't sound as great but I like the teacher and it's a requirement for my A.A.  Tues/Thurs should be good cuz I have Mr. C. for Social and Political Philosophy...woo, I am looking forward to that class the most cuz Mr. C. rocks and the subject matter is really interesting. 

Mom and dad come back tomorrow, that will be wierd.  It's kinda nice not having them around but it seems as though something is missing.  It was really annoying that before they left mom had to write out instructions on how to take care of the house and feed the dog.  She wrote everything out like we didn't even live here and we were just some people housesitting for a couple days. Whatever, she is just a crazy mother. 

I am reading Joseph Campbell right now.   He describes a lot about mythology of ancient peoples and it's interesting to hear about history.  I wish I got to see more of his interview with Bill Moyers on PBS but everytime I turned it on, it was at the same part.  Oh well, I guess I was just meant to see the last 10 minutes and thats all.

Napoleon Dynamite is a wierd movie.  Ryan Smith talks just like him, it was uncanny. 

I wish I made my livejournals more interesting and poetic.  I guess I am a boring writer.  I need to stop wishing and just be myself, and do the things I want to do.  I called Jocelyn tonite and Britney was there.  We talked it was cool.  I would have hung out with them but all my clothes were in the washer and I didn't really feel like hangin with a bunch of stoners, even though they were gonna go see SnoCone and I haven't seen her in a while, but we were never really too good of friends to begin with, although I did like her a lot.  But it just seems as though I don't really have anything in common with those people anymore,  I am not a stoner and I don't have that mentality anymore.  I strive for education and intellegent conversation.  That makes me miss Angela.  We always have so much fun together and she loves to talk.  She's probably callin me right now but I am online :(

I am going to start writing poetry, I think that will be good for me.  I need to express my thoughts more and do it in a more creative style than what I am used to doing.  I need to read more Bukowski, the only book of his that I have, I like that one a lot, even though it is not mine.  mmm, the smell of lemons on my hands....

wow, darryl is coming over. we gonna watch some jim henson videos.  cool


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