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garsh, it just turned 8am and I don't have school for another 3 hours.  When Paul woke up this morning, I woke up right with him and couldn't get back to sleep.  That's ok though, I'll just fart around for a few hours, even though I guess I am a little tired.

God damn George Bush is a fucking loser!  The stupid Rep. Convention was such bullshit!  He better not get re-elected or I am gonna shoot myself.  What has this country come to??  Anyway, today is Biology and Sociology, I am probably gonna sleep in between my classes since I have an hour and a half in between them, woohoo, nap time suckas!!!  Tomorrow is gonna be long though, I have classes til 2pm, then it's volunteer for 3 hours and then I have to go work for another 4-5 hours, then a lot of sleep!!!!


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