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My parents are freaking retarded. 

So a few months ago, they decided to become foster parents for the humane society, to foster baby kittens until they are ready for adoption.  Well since then, the house always stinks like cat shit, well the garage does mostly, cuz that's where their cage is, and they let the cats hang around in the bathroom so they have somewhere bigger to hang out, and then the bathroom smells like cat shit.  I have taken my stuff out of the main bathroom for the most part and use my parent's bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. 

Now, I get waken up at 9am, to sounds of hammers and shit in the house.  I'm like WTF is going on?  Did my parents get the entertainment center they had been talking about?  Nope, they are putting up a door in the kitchen so the cats can run around.  When we moved into this house there were hinges in the door way that leads to the kitchen, cuz apparently there was a door there.  Now there is one again.  I mean it's all great that they want to help out and foster kittens until they are big enough and healthy enough to be adopted, but do you seriously have to alter your freaking house for them?  I  don't want to sound like a selfish bitch, but it's really annoying living in a house that reeks of cat shit and now I dont' know where else the kittens are gonna hang out, but I am kinda sick of not being able to use my bathroom because they are in there, and now I don't know where else I am going to have to be cautious about....bleh........

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