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do you ever have days when you realize that your entire life is a complete mess?  For no explainable reason, I have been extremely late to work twice and I have no excuses, except that I have no excuses.  I feel like my life is going nowhere at times.  Im just sitting here at my computer, which i do all the time and i am watching Sex and the City, which i rented....haha

I am shrooming and i feel really vulnerable right now because i am alone, and i knew i would feel this way...its one of those nights when you examine your life and wonder about everything you have done, will do.....

sometimes i feel like i will never get there...the place that i want to be...how do i get there? 
i feel invisible, vague..

how do i explain my reasons for being so irresponsible at work?  its just been eating away at me that i have no explanation.  now i have to face reality, real consequences.....REAL LIFE!!

when do i grow up?  when?  fuck life!  fuck it all

i am tired of not being sure of anything...i am so chaotic, my life is so chaotic.  i am too attached to my parents and my life feels like shit!  i am nothing but shit.


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